Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Random Present, Virgin Diaries, Laughter and More!

I am pretty sure I talk about my BFF's all the time of this here blog of mine.  And I have good reason too.  I am tempted not to share the following information with you because it's just going to make you want to steal them.  And that CANNOT happen!

See the main reason I love them... they make me laugh! And laughter is the key to happiness you know.  

Throughout the last couple of weeks I have received some texts or Facebook comments from them that just warm my heart, make me smile, or both!
Who would not want a just because present?! Those are my favorite:) I love this girl! She is always thinking of others and know exactly what I like.  If she says it screams me, then it REALLY does! 

She misses my laugh?! Sounds good to me! I really cannot wait to get back to school and see Lo and catch up.  Our weekly dates have meant so much to us, and without them I feel as though life is not complete.  Plus she is a newlywed and I cannot wait to hear about married life from her:)

Oh Rebecca! The one person I can text just about ANYTHING to and know she will go right along with it! Seriously though people, I have got to stop watching the Virgin Diaries.  Really Scary.  Becks is going to make sure this won't happen so all is good:)
Oh and this one was from my mom.  She counts as a BFF right? Well she found this picture yesterday and was working on her computer scanner.  She thought it would be fun to scan this one on and put it on Facebook for all to see.  It cracked me up to no end!

What would I do with out these girls? I really do not know! They truly are the besets friends a girl could ask for!


Amy said...

Aww looks like you've got some awesome friends! I love the "Just Because" present facebook message. Just because presents are the BEST! Also, Virgin Diaries is suchhh an interesting show! Haha I only watched the very first one, but we were all hoping they would turn it into a series lol. And girl, do not worry yourself at alll. I'm single too, we can be on the prowl together :)

Meghan said...

Sounds like you have some pretty great friends in your life:) I bet you're excited to see everyone back at school!