Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekend Recap: Moving Mattie Into Law School

On Friday morning, 5 a.m. sharp, Mamerz, Mattie and I jumped in the car and headed to Macon, GA to move Mattie into Law School.  After about 5 and a half hours in the car we finally made it to the apartment.
The outside of her building
We then proceeded to wait not only for the apartment manager to get there to let us in, but also the movers.  Now Mattie didn't have a lot of things to move in, but enough to where we didn't want to have to do it ourselves.  So you know we did like everyone else and got an 18 wheeler to bring up her things.  Everyone else does that right?  Yeah I thought so.

Yup that was us with the big truck!
After the movers got everything into the apartment and set up some furniture, we decided we were starving so Mamerz went and got us some lunch.  Mattie and I started organizing some things while she was gone.

We spent the rest of that day going through all of the boxes that Mattie so conveniently did not mark.  I set up her bathroom, while she did her room, and Mamerz was in the kitchen.

Mattie and Boone enjoying their new home
Around 4 or so her roommate came and we helped unload all of her things.  Ok I watched the dog while everyone else moved in her things.  Give me some credit,  I really can't be lifting heavy furniture.   Then we did some more moving around furniture.  After finding some food late that night, we finally called it night.
Yes we enjoyed some wine as well!
The next morning we woke up and were out by 9:30.  We still had lots of furniture and other things to buy for her apartment.

We tried looking at some thrift stores, but didn't have much luck.  We then headed over to Walmart where we proceeded to spend several hours there and fill 5 buggies.  Yes 5.

Waiting in line
Mattie and Dad had to leave Mom and I at Walmart in order to get everything back to the apartment.
When we finally made it back to the apartment we had to put together all of the furniture.  The best part about this? Mamerz somehow managed to screw one of the tables into the floor.  We just chalked it up to adding more character to the apartment! 

So are you dying to see the somewhatly finished apartment? I have to say by the end of the trip I had fallen in love with the place and wished that I was living there.  As far as apartments go, this one is huge and really grew on me!

This is her room.  Those would be the boards I created for her above the bed.  We had the hardest time mounting those! 

 The wreath I made her for Christmas this past year finally made it on a door!

Her bathroom was a nice size as well.  They got lucky and each have their own!

They had a HUGE kitchen!  Maybe not tons of counter space, but still lots of room to move about.

Her roommate found this wine rack on the side of the road and picked it up.  We all loved it!

They had a nice sized living room that sits at the front of their apartment.

While the fireplace is a nice touch, they can't use it! But it looks great!

I know this is a bad picture, but they also have a HUGE dining/study room.  All of the furniture in this room was found at thrift stores! This has made me and Mamerz want to go to more thrift stores for some awesome finds!

We spent all day saturday setting up the place and then went out for one last dinner together.  We had fun getting to know her roommate and her roommates family.  

During the day my lovely cold that I had been fighting all week came back in full force.  So by the time we came back to the apartment I was ready to pass out on the couch.  And I did.  The next morning we woke up and hit the road again around 9:30.

It was such a fun weekend and I am glad I was able to help move Mattie in.  Who knows I may be stoping by again in the not so distant future...

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