Friday, August 17, 2012

Can You Feel The Love Tonight...

I am hoping you sang that title right there along with me.  Lion King is the best.

So lately I have been feeling so loved by many people around me.  I have received unexpected gifts 3 times within this last week.  I love how thoughtful each one of them was, and wanted to say thanks again to all three awesome ladies!

The first one came from one of the moms from work.  Sandy is an instructor there, and we saw her kids pretty much everyday.  Let me tell you, she has some pretty awesome kids.  Now not everyone working there may have felt the same way I did, but I really liked her kids.  

I guess it meant a lot to Sandy how much I took to her kids and watched out for them.  She got me the sweetest gift.
The Sweat Pea lotion was because I am so sweet.  The rubber band ball was because I am so flexible with all of the children.  And the Starbucks gift card was... because I am a college student and I would need it!  Seriously this was too sweet and way too much! In my eyes I was just doing my job :)

The next gift I received was from one of the besties! Jess sent me, as well as all of the other girls I believe, a CD to listen to for our Senior Year.
I was listening to it while I worked out yesterday and today and fell in love with it!  Girlfriend is awesome at putting together a great playlist:)

And then there is Sherry's gift.  Sherry is my personal trainer whom I am going to miss greatly these next three months.  She put together a little going away present for me!  Seriously way more than I would ever expect in a million years.  I thought she was just going to get me the potassium.
She ended up putting together a bag full of fun treats! A new water bottle in my fave color.  Some coffee for my Keurig.  New protein bars for me to try out (she knows how picky I have been about those). Some Skinny Cow treats that I have already opened and loved! She also got me two notebooks.  One  for me to write down everything I eat, and one to write down all of my workouts.  Oh how she loves to make sure I will still be held accountable!  She also got me a book of inspiration. And last but not least some Red Curry Powder so that I will try that Spicy Oatmeal.   Love it all!

Thank you again to everyone for those sweet gifts! They have made me feel really loved!


Amy said...

How sweet!! I love unexpected gifts, they really are the best. It's so easy to make someone's day by just surprising them with the simplest thing! Happy Friday love! Have yourself a great one :)

Angie said...

Looks like your a pretty loved gal!

Cassandra said...

I love little surprises. How nice to get 3 unexpected ones in a week! I totally sang that title out haha.