Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Getting Ready For Back to School!

Heading back to school is slowly but surely creeping up on me!  And I don't know about y'all, but I like to be prepared.  One of my favorite thing about the start of school is all of the new school supplies to get! As I get older  school supplies moves away from pens and pencils and turns into cute bags and planners.  I mean I will need to go out and buy that other stuff...but here is what I have for now!
When it comes to carrying my books around I love having a cute bag to carry.  My problem: I not only have tons of books, but I take my computer with me EVERYWHERE.  I take notes on it, so it is a must have.
Because of this I need a pretty heavy duty bag to carry everything.  So I went looking around and think I have found my most favorite bag for school!
I found it at Target and it was on sale for $19.99.  It is the perfect size and is kinda like a canvas material so I think it will hold up really well! It also has pockets on the sides for my umbrella and water bottle! I am in love!

My next big thing that I HAVE to have for the start of a new school year is a planner.  Yes I go old school and have one that I physically write in.  Yes I know I could use my phone, but there is something about being able to write things down and see them that helps with my little ole brain.

Also I am very picky about my planners.  I like to have a month by month view and also a day by day view.  This way I can write down the big things during the month and use the days for homework assignments.  Basically thins planner will become my life.

I don't remember who I heard about this planner from, but I found a Lilly Pulitzer large agenda.  I fell in love!
May Flowers Design
It came with stickers!!!
The monthly view.  Yes I have already added some things to know!
The daily view!
Each month has an opening page. Too cute:)
I am seriously in love with this planner.  The best part? It will last me till December 2013.  Which means it was definitely worth paying just a touch more for it!

What are your must haves for starting back to school?



Allie Tarrant said...

I am a total school supplies junkie! I am starting back to college in 2 weeks after being out for 3 years and I'm going a little nuts! Cute bag - I seem to always find a bargain at Target :) I was awarded the Liebster Blog Award yesterday and now its my turn to award it to some lovely ladies! If you'd like, head over to my blog later this afternoon and check on the post about it!


Sam said...

I have a slight school/office supply addiction. There is something about a brand new notebook that gets me all warm and fuzzy inside. I love love love back to school shopping... too bad it's accompanied by all that back-to-school-ness ;p

Megan said...

I got that same bag in coral and love it!!!! I even embroidered my monogram in it!! Even more in love with it!! New follower here and loving your blog so far!!!

Sara said...

Your planner is too cute. Love your Tarjay bag.