Friday, May 18, 2012

27 Years!

Today, May 18, 2012 my parents celebrate 27 years of marriage.  Yes 27! Is that cray cray or what!?  And for this special day, I thought I would share with everyone this little gem!

The one and only, literally, wedding picture!

27 years ago my parents ran off and eloped! Therefor they never had a big wedding.  And not until a couple months ago had I seen this picture! I about died when my mom showed it to me! I think it is just great! And totes 1985! But seriously don't they just look amazing!?

My parents marriage is one of the best examples of a marriage that I know.  These days there are couples getting divorced left and right, and I am so happy to know that will not be my parents!  They have kept their commitment to one another, and if my marriage (way way way off in the future) is even half as good as theirs, then it is going to be pretty dang great!


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