Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Diet

First off diets suck! Second, diets REALLY suck.

But since I am on my way to being healthy I guess it is a good thing! So here is what it all looks like.

One gallon of water a day: And this means I pee at least this much if not more!

1 egg yolk 2 egg whites
3 oz ground turkey breast
1/4 cup oats or grits made with water
I hate eggs.  I am trying to like them.  Also need to work on the oats.
Pancakes (when I try these I will post the recipe)

Protein bar with at least 15g protein and no more than 20g carbs (these are not too bad and I look forward to them!)
Protein shake (haven't tried this yet.  still trying to find a protein powder I like)

5oz chicken, fish, or red meat
1/2 cup of brown rice, veg flour pasta, broccoli, or 4oz sweet potato
It doesn't sound like a lot, but it is pretty filling.  I also add about 2tbls of salsa to the chicken.  Also not to fond of the sweet potato.

Same are the mid-morning

5-6 oz chicken or fish
1 cup green vegetable (typically broccoli unless Mamerz cooks something else)

1 peach or apple

I found the biggest apple I could find!

Got a new George Forman so I can grill my meat! My trainer told me it would make me tougher if I learned how to grill!

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