Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bridal Shower: Part 3

It is finally time for the last part of the Bridal Shower that myself and two other ladies planned for Lauren Austin.  If you missed Part 1 check it out here and Part 2 can be found here!

So in this last installment I am going to tell y'all all about the fun time we had! You saw the prep and the setup, and now it is time to know what actually went down at this lovely shower!

Shortly after everyone arrived at the shower we blessed the food and then ate.  As you saw, we had some pretty yummy food at the party and everyone was excited to get to eat!  We all just hung out on the back porch talking and eating.  It was just plain wonderful.

While everyone was finishing up eating we passed around index cards to start our first game!  Everyone was asked to write down their first kiss story.  I then gathered the girls up and read them out loud.  Lauren got 2 guesses on whose story it was! It was so much fun to hear all the stories.  From the "I Haven't had one yets" to the "At cheer camp" and "During church one time" we all were dying laughing over the stories.  I don't believe Lauren was able to guess many but it was fun to try!

Me reading the stories to the girls
Brandy was a little surprised by Jessi's story!

After that fun little game we went on to the next one! While the girls signed the guestbook, we also had them fill out a little card.  On it said something like "verb" "noun" or something of the sort and we put all those together to make an MadLib about marriage for Lauren.  Oh man was it a funny one!

Lauren reading the MadLib aloud to the group

We all about died! There may have been something about licking a cucumber in there...oh and Dr. Lee Magness may have over heard and made fun of the bride for the rest of the day!

Next we had another fun game planned.  Before the shower we emailed both Jacob and Lauren a list of random questions.  Both of them sent back answers.  We read the question and answer aloud and everyone had to guess who answered that, Jacob or Lauren.  Some of the questions were "What's your favorite ice-cream topping?" "What would you rather clean?" "Where was your first kiss?"  So much fun!

This is where these fun things came in! Everyone held up the lips for Lauren and the mustache for Jacob!

So much fun playing around with those! They made for great pictures!

Hmmm I wonder who is right and who was wrong!

We may have put some trick questions in there!  Becky was not quite what to pick so she picked both!

After having some fun outside, we moved on in to open up the gifts.  You know your at a Bridal Shower when everyone gets excited about a toaster! Seriously?! Not use to this kind of party! But Lauren got so blessed by all of these girls with some WONDERFUL gifts!
Like I said, excited over a Toaster!

In wrap up of the party we went outside to take some group pictures! It was so great that we were able to have Meagan there to take photos for us! It is always a huge deal for me to get picture of everything and so I was thrilled to have someone doing this for us! 

All of the ladies that came to celebrate!

We tried so hard on these pictures, but as you can see not everyone was able to fit in!

The Bride and the Hostesses 

Lauren with the Magni
It is still so crazy to me to look at this picture! The eight of us since freshmen year! Man have we changed.  I love these girls so much!
We seriously had so much fun with those lips and mustaches!

We got so lucky with this picture! It only took 2 shots to get this and it is so cute!

One pretty awesome thing we did was have Dr. Pat Magness pray over Lauren.  We all prayed for her and her marriage to Jacob.  And then when we tried to get a picture of it we kept laughing at trying to "pretend" to pray!

I know I have said this a million times, but this really was such a great shower! Nothing could have gotten done without all three of the hostesses and all the friends who came! Thank you all for showing up and having a blast showering Lauren with love for her wedding! 

Now I cannot wait to help plan the next one...Becky better be getting excited!

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Angie said...

What a fun party! Those games were great. I especially loved the first kiss game. Glad you girlies had such a wonderful celebration.