Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bridal Shower Part 2: The Setup

Ok so I have made the executive decision that instead of bombarding you all with basically like 10000000000000 pictures, I am going to break this Bridal Shower down into two more parts.  This one and Part 3. And let me tell y'all how excited I am to be sharing this.  If you missed Part 1 go ahead and check it on out to read about the prep!!

Well like I have said I just absolutely loved being able to throw a shower for the lovely Miss Lauren B. Austin (soon to be Albrecht).

So as you learned before we hosted the shower at the Magni's home.  It was gorgeous!

This is the table of food! We had so much food, but since the shower was over lunch time it was perfect!  Between the bagels from Panera, croissants to make sandwiches, tons of fruit, and the puppy chow we were set for lots of good food!

Instead of a normal cake we did cake pops.  We had White Chocolate, French Vanilla, and Strawberry Lemonade! So Yummy!  Funny story: When we were planning the party Lauren at that time had given up chocolate for the year.  Well when it comes to cake pops its really hard to find ones that are not made with any chocolate.  So we originally ordered different flavors from what we got.  In the end she gave up on giving up chocolate and we got these yummy flavors!

Lauren T. made the most delicious punch.  It was a pineapple base and I believe sprite and Koolaide were involved!  Also everyone used a Mason Jar to drink out of, and then at the end of the shower the rinsed them out and planted some flowers in them as their take home gift! Loved it!

Lauren's guestbook for the shower were these mugs.  We bought them for really cheap at Target and then got Oil Based Paint Pens for everyone to write on them with.  Each has the letter A and signatures from those who attended the party.

It is typical that all of the bows that come off gifts at bridal showers are used for the Bride's bouquet at her rehearsal. Well we knew not many people were going to have bows to we made our own flowers out of pipe cleaners! Everyone was so creative in what they made!

These last two pictures have to do with a some of the games we played! And of course I am not going to tell you about them have to wait till Part 3!!

Get excited for another post to come soon!  I will show you all the fun we had!! Again it was the best party ever and I cannot thank Erica, Lauren T., or the Magni enough for all of their help!

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Megan said...

It looks like so much fun! All that food looks amazing! I just love showers.