Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Time To Move On Out!

It's the end of the semester and that means FINALS and MOVING OUT!! Ugh.  I hate with a very big passion this week.  I mean yeah it's fun to not have to go to classes and spend a little more time with the best friends, but seriously finals and moving out? All in a matter of days?! NO!! Whoever thought of this idea...was obvs not very smart!

I want everyone to know that I moved all of this out of my room by myself today.  No one helped.  Well accept for the nice house keeper who saw me struggling with my tv stand and helped me carry it out to my car.  But other than that, I did it all by myself!!!   And it was not easy.  I cried.  And then I sent this to my mom.

 She responded by asking what I wanted to her to do about it.  I knew she could do nothing I just wanted her to know I was mad I was having to do this by myself.  I just physically struggled through it.  My shoulder has really ruined my strength.  She then sent me this picture.

 Her stuff is definitely much cuter and it made me slightly less mad at that moment in time.  Puppies always make up for things.

It was such a long morning and I was up and down up and down on the stairs.  I was so sweaty and nasty.  So not cute at all.  I don't know if you can see it or not but my face is bright red and I am DRENCHED in sweat.  Gross.

 After I FINALLY got everything in my car I made my way over to Ashlee's house where I store everything that doesn't go home with me.  I am so thankful that her family allows me to do this.  And Teri did help me get things out of my car! She is the best!  This is my room after all that.  I still have to load my car with everything that goes home with me like my clothes and such.  Definitely not looking forward to tomorrow when I have to do that!

It is always super sad to pack up a dorm room.  And it is also kinda sad this year that I am leaving Hart Hall for good.  I will be living in Williams Hall next year with the besties which is pretty exciting! No more three flights of stairs for this girl!  Well now I must finish studying up for my last two finals so I can hit the road on Friday for home:) Wish me some luck on these last two!

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Angie said...

Good luck sweetie!!!
Sorry your day was rough and frustrating. Hope things ease up for you soon.