Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend!

First and foremost I want to thank all of the soldiers who have or are currently fighting for our freedom! Thank you for all of your hard work and time.  And to those who gave their lives, thank you even more!

This past weekend was spent in the sun and was of course tons of fun! One of my favorite things about being home this summer is the fact that I will be able to go down to the beach house with the fam pretty much EVERY weekend.  And this means laying out in the sun! And that means getting a tan.  Which was one of my goals this summer.  So of course I worked very hard on that goal this weekend.

I had to work Saturday morning, so at about 11 I headed down to the beach.  It is usually just about maybe an hour and a half to get here.  Well I hit traffic.  Like bad traffic.  It took me close to 2 hours to get here.  I was mad.  I really hate traffic.  But once I got down to the island I was happy.  At least I had some good music to listen to!

Mine and Rebecca's song:)
Bryce and Brooke were already down with the parentals, so us three and Mamerz headed to the beach after I got to the house and had lunch.  It was so nice to just sit on the beach and tan.  The water isn't quite ready to go into yet.  Still has a chill in it so I only go in when I get really hot!

That late afternoon Annie came over and we cooked out and had some good food.  Well they did.  I am still on a diet.  I may have taste tested some of it though.  It was an early night for us, between the sun and getting no sleep the night before I was tired and passed out before 10 p.m.

Sunday Annie and I decided to spend the day by the pool.  These are seriously my favorite days.  We laid in the sun. We laid in the pool.  We talked about anything and everything.  We read our books.  It was GLORIOUS!  And I am happy to report the tan is well underway!

Working on those tan lines! I actually got a little red!
That night I made home made pizza for everyone.  OK Annie helped.  She put on the cheese.  But seriously best pizza ever.  And the best part is on my diet I get a cheat day, and of course I chose that to be on pizza night! Totally enjoyed it!

After dinner we headed down to the beach for a sun set.  It never gets old down here.  I could go every night and love it!

Annie and I.  Please excuse the hair.
The wind was blown like craziness and I could not keep it under control at all!
I will never get over these sunsets!
There is something about tan feet in the sand that I love:)
Today is kinda  rainy day here on the island so we headed back to lakeland! Hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day weekend!


Miss Riss said...

Gaahh!! I'm so jealous you live right near the beach!! Beach time and pool time sounds amazeballs!!! ...btw how did you make your little signature thing?! So cute!!

Mosby Hardin said...

Oh the beach was great! It was a little bit of a process to create the signature but I used this blog as a guideline.

Miss Riss said...